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Business Energy Profile

The Business Energy Profile is the core application in the Energy Depot for Business software suite. This intuitive, self-guided business energy audit addresses the full range of energy systems found in most small and medium commercial facilities.

Once customers are authenticated via the login process, their energy billing data is securely imported or manually entered and presented for review. This billing data is utilized in the verification and completion of the energy analysis. In addition, local energy rates and normalized local weather data is incorporated for greater accuracy in the results and recommendations.

The business questionnaire allows customers to complete their audit in about 20 - 30 minutes. It incorporates drop down menus, default settings and help screens. The questionnaire can also be printed out and completed off-line. Once the questionnaire is answered, customers receive a highly graphic Business Energy Profile report that includes a cover letter, energy usage and cost graphs, annual energy cost by energy system/appliance and specific recommendations with cost savings estimates.

Recommendations can be hyperlinked to your utility’s programs, products and service offers and to articles in the Energy Library. All reports and customer data are archived within the tool, allowing the user to return to the site time after time to update and track their energy management progress. This approach reinforces the customers’ interest in completing more of the recommended energy- and money-saving modifications to their business and energy-use behaviors. Customer data collected in the audit process can be quantified and used effectively by the utility in future targeted marketing and messaging campaigns.

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