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Commercial Carbon Calculator

Enercom has developed a sophisticated, user-friendly carbon emissions calculator that can be used to estimate the greenhouse gas impact of energy use in the customers' business operations. The Commercial Carbon Calculator allows the user to input their energy use for a single system or piece of equipment or for their entire operations to determine annual emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

Local default energy rates are set-up inside the tool so that it calculates volume and total energy costs in each calculation. The user can easily override the default energy rates to simulate the impact of demand management programs or future commodity price changes. Additionally, by entering estimated reduced energy consumption, the user is able to compare the cost and emissions impact of replacing his equipment with more energy efficient equipment.

By manipulating the innovative slider control, the user can estimate the cost and emissions impact of substituting one fuel type for another. The tool is capable of displaying data and comparing cost and emissions for electricity, natural gas, propane, and fuel oils.

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