Client Support

To generate maximum benefit from your Energy Depot online energy applications and calculators, it’s essential that you drive customers to your website. Whether you are looking for newspaper/magazine ads, statement stuffers, energy fair/trade show signage and handouts, wall posters, or web banners, Enercom’s new online AdBuilder tool makes it easy to produce customized, traffic-building advertising materials, right from your own computer, laptop or tablet.

Choose from three professionally designed advertising campaigns, each with a full array of creative materials to meet your promotional needs. Or select the specific size and format of ad you want, and then choose your favorite from among the assortment of options presented. Best of all, these Energy Depot ads are easy on your promotional budget. Media placement and printing costs, if any, are your responsibility, but AdBuilder ads are created free-of-charge for Energy Depot clients.

Our marketing experts have done all of the hard work up-front, so your task is to simply follow the user-friendly instructions to quickly and easily upload your Company logo and enter your website URL. The AdBuilder tool evaluates your logo file to make sure it meets the requirements and then automatically sizes it to fit the available logo space in your selected advertisements.

Type the unique web address for your Energy Depot energy applications into the appropriate blank and AdBuilder places it into the ad for you, matching the ad’s font size and style. AdBuilder automatically stores your URL and logo-file, so it is available for you on each future visit to the Client Resource Portal. You can update or replace your stored logo files anytime you wish.

Once you are happy with your ad, download the fully print-ready .pdf file and save it to your computer. Additionally, for your convenience, you can email the completed ad file directly from AdBuilder to your newspaper, print company, or media placement service. It’s as easy as that!

Custom Ad Design Services: Many companies are very particular to maintain a unified, corporate-brand "look and feel" in their approved advertising and promotional materials. Enercom’s professional design team is happy to customize your advertising materials integrating specific font-styles, corporate color palettes, company-owned photos, etc. Our custom design services are reasonably priced and all work is quoted in advance for your convenience.

Contact: Karen Farris, at EnergyDepotAds@emailaddresstobedetermined.com for more information about custom ad design services or to request a quote.

It’s easy to create highly effective, professional quality advertising materials with AdBuilder.

Available options include:

  • Full color and black & white 8" x 10" print ads, suitable for sports programs, magazines and newspaper advertising opportunities.
  • Bill enclosure print ads designed for mailing in standard-sized envelopes. These 3.25" x 7" (vertical layout) and 7" x 3.25" (horizontal layout) materials can be direct-mailed to customers, included within your company’s energy bill mailings, or used as handouts at energy fairs, trade shows and other customer events.
  • Easel cards/wall posters are available in 11" x 17" in a convenient size for mounting on foam board for desk top/table top use or for attention-getting wall hangings in bill pay offices or at promotional events.
  • Banner ads are available in flash and static designs for inclusion on your company’s web site, promotional websites for special events, or can be placed on trade ally or industry association websites.