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Billing Questions

Your utility customers often have questions about their electric and natural gas bills—this is especially true when energy costs are rising. These questions typically result in a call to your customer service representatives. With Enercom’s ClearBill bill comparison software, you can conserve your customer service resources while offering customers an online self-service tool to address their concerns. ClearBill allows your customers to compare their most recent electric or natural gas bill with the same bill last year or with the previous month's bill. ClearBill can also be integrated into your call center’s systems so CSRs can use the bill analysis tool with customers on the phone.

ClearBill Benefits

ClearBill is designed to:

  • Validate customer's energy use for the month in question and assure them that their energy use is reasonable or "normal" based on their billing history, weather for the billing period, etc.
  • Satisfy customers by providing them with a clear understanding of why their bill is different from previous bills.
  • Dramatically reduce the number of calls to the call center.
  • Standardize the call center process for resolving high bill inquiries, shorten call times and promote first call resolution. ClearBill can actually act as a script for your CSRs to follow when addressing customers' billing concerns.
  • Reduce the number of onsite meter checks and other service calls.

How it Works

ClearBill uses customer account, billing and weather data and detailed engineering algorithms for its analysis. A clear and simple report is generated without asking the customer a single question.

Initially, the report compares the customer’s consumption for the month in question and validates whether or not the consumption is reasonable or "normal" based on past usage and variables such as weather. This validation is frequently sufficient feedback to relieve the customer’s billing concern and satisfactorily resolve the issue.

Additionally, ClearBill analyzes billing changes due to:

  • Rate changes by billing element (shows customers the difference between pass-through energy costs and actual rate changes)
  • Number of days in the billing period
  • Weather impacts for the exact days in each billing period
  • Other factors: Shows customers the cost impact of how they operate their home and its energy systems thereby encouraging behavioral changes and promoting increased energy conservation.

CSR Connection

Customers can print their graphic ClearBill report online and CSRs can conveniently print or email reports to customers. ClearBill also provides customers with additional billing resources such as a glossary of billing terms, an illustrated sample bill and links to other resources including information and online tools that explain how to use energy more efficiently.

Plenty of Options

ClearBill can be customized to meet your exact specifications. This can include automated links to billing history, graphic design to exactly match your website, hosting on Enercom’s servers or on your own web-server and much more.


ClearBill is affordable-and may even pay for itself with reduced customer service costs-and Enercom offers pricing plans for energy companies of all sizes.

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