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Energy Depot for Homes

Enercom's Energy Depot for Homes is a suite of interactive applications designed to quickly provide accurate and actionable answers to your residential customers' specific energy questions. When your utility customers have questions about their energy consumption and monthly bills, they naturally look to you to be the energy expert within the market.

The component applications that make up Energy Depot for Homes suite include the Personal Energy Audit Profile, the Energy Calculator, an Energy Comparison Tool, the Residential Energy Library with Frequently Asked Questions, and the Energy Advisor tool. Your Energy Depot implementation can include all of these applications or any combination that meets your company's needs.

Besides offering expert personalized answers to your customers' energy questions, Energy Depot for Homes can help your utility collect and quantify market data, achieve business objectives by promoting marketing and energy efficiency programs, reduce customer service costs and build customer satisfaction and loyalty. Use the Energy Depot for Homes Software in Your Onsite Audit Program.

Use the Energy Depot for Homes Software in Your Onsite Audit Program

While the Energy Depot for Homes software is designed and tailored for utility customers to use "on-their-own," many Enercom clients use the tools with field auditors to administer onsite audit programs. With an internet connection, the auditor can fill out the online questionnaire at the customer's home. Or the questionnaire can be printed off and answers recorded manually. The auditor can then take the information back to the office to fill out the online questionnaire. The software will generate engaging, easy-to-understand reports that can then be emailed or printed and hand-delivered to the customer.

For additional convenience, we can implement a customized Audit Administration Module to establish a streamlined management system of your onsite audit program, manage and track completed audits for future use, and quantify and report field auditor performance results.

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