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Energy Comparison Tool

The Energy Depot Energy Comparison Tool is a unique set of calculators designed to assist homeowners facing major buying decision regarding their home heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, water heating systems, or lighting systems. These choices can impact their energy use and costs for years to come.

The Energy Depot Energy Comparison Tool allows customers to quickly and easily compare an existing HVAC system, water heater or lighting system with a range of new systems. The user can also compare two different new systems with each other to determine the best match for their home and lifestyle. The options built into the tool include most every available option of system types, energy sources and efficiencies.

After inputting a minimal amount of information, customers can receive an estimate of each system’s annual energy use and cost, and the annual and monthly energy and cost savings for the more efficient system. By inputting their contractor’s price for the new system, the user can learn the payback period over which they will recover their investment through lower energy bills.

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