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Water Depot

Water Depot for Homes is an interactive water conservation application designed to be integrated, or linked, with your company's website. It is your residential customers' online source to a wealth of information and resources regarding home water use and related costs. It can also be incorporated with Energy Depot® for Homes. Use Water Depot as the means to provide value added services, collect customer data and as a sales delivery channel for new products and services. Water Depot includes the following:

Personal Home Water Profile

The personal home water profile is an online, do-it-yourself, home water audit that addresses the full range of home water systems and uses. Once customers are authenticated, their billing data is securely imported and presented for their review. This data is also used in the water analysis. The home questionnaire allows customers to complete their audit in about 10 - 15 minutes. It incorporates drop down menus, default settings and help screens. Once the questionnaire is completed, customers receive a highly graphic Personal Home Water Profile report that includes a cover letter, water usage and cost graphs, annual water cost by use (indoor and outdoor) and specific recommendations with cost savings estimates. All customer data is retained and available for marketing and water conservation program purposes.

Water Advisor

The Water Advisor is an email-based inquiry tool that offers your residential customers a special means to obtain answers to their individual home water questions. The Advisor system directs questions to the water expert of your choice. This can be a person within your company or Enercom can supply expert answers to these questions.

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